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Rafael Nadal returns the ball against Richard Gasquet of France during their 1st round US Open match at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, on September 2, in New York. Nadal won 6-2, 6-2, 6-3.

In this undated image made from video and provided Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2009 by Mercy for Animals, male chicks are separated from females at Hy-Line North America's hatchery in Spencer, Iowa. An animal rights group is calling on the nation's largest grocery story chains to post warnings on egg cartons that unwanted male chicks are ground up alive, after videotaping the common industry practice at an Iowa egg hatchery

Belajar Linux

How do I download and install Java for my Linux computer?

Installing Java for Linux

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Difference Between An Affiliate and a Super Affiliate

Difference Between An Affiliate & Super Affiliate

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Affiliate! Corny, but "super affiliate" is the new buzzword for affiliates who are both ambitious and successful at affiliate marketing. There are wild claims online about affiliate marketing: Make Millions Overnight! Never Work Again! Unfortunately, these claims are usually false. To go from being a plain affiliate to super affiliate takes a lot of work. In short, you need to be an affiliate of steel.

The vast majority of affiliate marketing sites online are run by people who have no great interest in turning a huge profit. For example, you'll find thousands of blogs where people put up a few Amazon listings and/or Google links on the off chance that a passing browser will click on them. That's all well and good, but this is no way to make a dent in the affiliate marketing game. To be a super affiliate, you need to treat affiliate marketing as a job, not just something that you do on the side to put a couple of bucks in your pocket.

There is a misconception that affiliate marketing is not a real business. After all, the affiliate is not putting out a product. This is patently false. Even though an affiliate marketer is not manufacturing a product, he or she is still offering the product up for sale. An affiliate marketer still needs to be in charge of search engine optimization, custom content, quality web design, financial management, and everything else that goes into running a successful e-business. As with any business, an affiliate marketing plan is only as strong as the amount of work you put into it.

A super affiliate will be able to turn as hefty a profit as a standard business—several sales a day on a number of different fronts. Remember, successful affiliate marketers don't necessarily stop at one site. They set up a variety of affiliate sites with a good web address, quality web design, and lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities. Additionally, once you start selling at an accelerated rate, some affiliate programs will promote you from regular affiliate to super affiliate. If you start sending sales and traffic to a business, they will reward you with better terms.

This isn't an easy proposition, but it is possible. Make sure that an affiliate program has a corresponding super affiliate program in place—better terms for more sales. Even if they don't, an affiliate with good terms up front can really pay off if you're able to make a several sales a month. Affiliate programs with great terms are also sometimes referred to as super affiliates. Find these and you know you'll have a good marketing in place at the start.

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All Men's Health

Men`s Health Zone (Men`s Health Zone)

Men`s Health Zone

Muscle Advance (Protein Nutritionals)

Health & Beauty


Resveratrol and Weight Loss

Resveratrol Antioxidants and Weight Loss: A Good Pairing?The golden rule in weight loss is pretty simple: take in fewer calories than you expend in exercise. However, as any dieter will tell you, it’s far from easy. Americans spend billions of dollars a year on weight loss supplements, exercise programs and other diet aids—and still we can’t seem to win the battle of the bulge—even when we get desperate enough to try risky surgery or fad diets.Recently a new product has come to light that may help people trying to lose weight stay on the healthy end of the spectrum: Resveratrol Select, which is unlike many diet supplements in that it uses a combination of natural and herbal ingredients designed to help the body stay healthy while losing weight.How? By mimicking certain aspects of the Mediterranean diet.Studies have shown that part of America’s war with weight lies in the uniquely modern American combination of stressful lifestyle and fast-food consumption, and that the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle seem to be more conducive to healthier weight levels and longevity. In fact, much as been made on the news in recent months of the purported “French Paradox,” (how the French eat a high-fat diet, enjoy rich desserts, drink wine and still have better cardiovascular health than the rest of us). One of the biggest differences between the American and French diet seems to be the wine consumption, and red wine (a staple on most Mediterranean tables) contains one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, resveratrol, which is a key ingredient in Resveratrol Select.In addition to wine, resveratrol is also found in grape skins, blueberries, cranberries and other plants, and recent animal and in vitro studies indicate that it can have a positive effect on helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, supporting insulin health and optimizing metabolic and immune pathways that protect cells and improve mitochondrial function. * And one capsule of Resveratrol Select includes as much resveratrol as 200 glasses of wine—without the added calories that alcohol can add to the waistline.But consuming resveratrol alone isn’t enough to help with weight loss—so the manufacturers of Resveratrol Select also added a different type of antioxidant, Green Tea Extract (EGCG), which could make a big difference. Over time, green tea consumption helps increase metabolism, burn fat and reduce fat storage due to its caffeine and L-theanin content, which can be pivotal in helping to maintain energy for exercise. *Resveratrol Select combines these two powerful antioxidants with yet another energy boosting ingredient, Chromium, a niacin-based mineral that plays an important role in how the body uses insulin to burn sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for energy.*Although relatively new to the market, Resveratrol Select seems to be making a big splash, and many people are taking advantage of the free trial offer to see how well the product works for them. The trial offer also includes two bonus tools to help with weight loss: an e-book with over 70 weight loss tips, and a weight loss visualization audio.Of course, consuming fewer calories while burning more is the most efficient form of weight loss, and it’s always a good idea to inform your doctor before taking a weight loss supplement, but this new combination herbal supplement is worth a look for those concerned about maintaining good health while losing weight. For more information on Resveratrol Select’s free trial offer and bonus materials, visit more information visit:

Car of the Year 2009

Opel/Vauxhall Insignia

In the very closest of contests, the Opel/Vauxhall Insignia emerged victorious as Car of the Year 2009 with 321 points against the 320 for the Ford Fiesta. The Volkswagen Golf took third place with 223 points.

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Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

No.2, Jalan 5/5 , Presint 5 , 62000 PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA

Here Official Website

SilVer ProTect Spray

Silver Protect Spray

The First Anti-Perspirant With Silver Molecules

Silver molecules are highly active and helps to eliminate bacteria. Their unique ability to enter bacterial cells, to deactivate their functions and inhibit bacterial replication, safely prevents the onset of body odour. Although the silver molecules are tough on bacteria and odour, they are extremely mild and gentle on underarm skin. Irritation and redness? Not a chance!

• Silver molecules help to eliminates up to 99% of bacteria that causes body odour
• Provide 24-hour intense anti-perspirant protection keeping you fresh and dry all day long
• Fresh masculine scent
• No alcohol and colourants

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New Coach New Team maybe...

Malaysia Football

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FAM Dah pilih Betul betul ke ????

This is rite Choice ????? rite man ????? rite coach ????

Rajagobal kemudi skuad kebangsaan

Rajagopal ready resign letter

Turn to MikRotik

Major features:

  • Best wireless performance
  • Improved Nstreme performance
  • Powerful QoS control
  • P2P traffic filtering
  • High availability with VRRP
  • Bonding of Interfaces
  • Improved interface
  • Smaller and Less resource-hungry
  • Tons of other new features
  • Advanced Quality of Service
  • Stateful firewall, tunnels
  • STP bridging with filtering
  • High speed 802.11a/b/g wireless with WEP/WPA
  • WDS and Virtual AP
  • HotSpot for Plug-and-Play access
  • RIP, OSPF, BGP routing
  • remote WinBox GUI and Web admin
  • telnet/mac-telnet/ssh/console admin
  • real-time configuration and monitoring
Malaysia Vendor .....Landasan

MAri Belajar Unix/Linux

Introduction to the UNIX Operating System

  • What is UNIX?
  • Files and processes
  • The Directory Structure
  • Starting an UNIX terminal

Tutorial One

  • Listing files and directories
  • Making Directories
  • Changing to a different Directory
  • The directories . and ..
  • Pathnames
  • More about home directories and pathnames

Tutorial Two

  • Copying Files
  • Moving Files
  • Removing Files and directories
  • Displaying the contents of a file on the screen
  • Searching the contents of a file

Tutorial Three

  • Redirection
  • Redirecting the Output
  • Redirecting the Input
  • Pipes

Tutorial Four

  • Wildcards
  • Filename Conventions
  • Getting Help

Tutorial Five

  • File system security (access rights)
  • Changing access rights
  • Processes and Jobs
  • Listing suspended and background processes
  • Killing a process

Tutorial Six

  • Other Useful UNIX commands

Tutorial Seven

  • Compiling UNIX software packages
  • Download source code
  • Extracting source code
  • Configuring and creating the Makefile
  • Building the package
  • Running the software
  • Stripping unnecessary code

Tutorial Eight

  • UNIX variables
  • Environment variables
  • Shell variables
  • Using and setting variables

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10 free security tools that actually work

Credit: Susan Harkins

PC security is a hot industry, thanks to forces from the Dark Side. Your system, more than finances, will determine the tools you use to protect it. However, for the casual home or business computer, a number of free security products work well. Almost all of these products offer a paid version with more features, and many users eventually upgrade — which is why these companies can afford to offer free products.

Before you spend your hard-earned money on expensive security products, check out the following free tools.

Note: This article is also available as a PDF download.

1: AVG Anti-virus Free Edition

Without doubt, AVG is probably the most popular, free, antivirus software. It protects your system against both viruses and spyware. Initially, the free version of AVG was stable and effective. As the Dark Side advances, AVG has fallen behind a bit, but, it is still a good product if you combine it with other products (specifically, #2 and #3). Don’t depend solely on AVG.

2: Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes fights malware — programs designed with malicious intent. Unfortunately, there’s no way to uninstall malware once it’s installed, because it doesn’t show up in the Control Panel. In addition, these files usually install helper programs that re-download then reinstall the malware if you delete it. Malware includes viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, and trojans. As these products evolve, they are harder to detect and remove. Malwarebytes is one of the best programs, free or not, for detecting and removing malware.

3: Spybot - Search & Destroy

Spyware tracks your Internet usage to create a marketing profile that is then sold, without your knowledge, to advertising companies. If you notice a new toolbar in your browser, most likely you’re being tracked by spyware. Sometimes, these programs hijack your browser homepage, forcing you to browse the Internet through their system. Although spyware isn’t inherently destructive, it usually affects performance. If your system suddenly slows down, chances are you’ve been infected. Spybot - Search & Destroy detects and removes spyware, which isn’t covered by many other anti-malware applications.

Note: A combination of #1, #2, and #3 provides adequate protection for most single-user systems. They’re easy to use and don’t require special technical knowledge.

4: WOT

Within the context of the market, WOT is a fairly new offering that adds security, via an add-in, for your browser. It will keep your system safe from online scams, identity, theft, spyware, spam, viruses, and suspect commerce sites. As WOT encounters suspect sites, it alerts you. Of course, you decide whether to continue or not, but at least you go into the transaction forewarned.

5: WinPatrol

WinPatrol is a robust security monitor that alerts you to hijackings, malware attacks, and changes made to your system without your permission. Traditional security programs scan your hard drive, searching for specific threats. WinPatrol uses a heuristic (discovery) behavior to detect attacks and violations by taking snapshots of critical resources and alerting you to changes.

6: Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Most of us have at least one insecure program installed, which puts our systems at risk. Secunia Personal Software Inspector (SPI) scans your PC for insecure programs. It also keeps you informed of updates and patches for your installed programs.

7: Sysinternals Security Utilities

This free utility from Microsoft performs a number of important security functions:

  • Lets you know who has access to files, Registry keys, and other Windows services.
  • Finds programs configured to run on startup.
  • Uses command-line utilities to list processes running on local or remote systems.
  • Scans system for rootkits.
  • Offers a Department of Defense-compliant secure delete program.

8: Wireshark

System administrators will appreciate Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer. Security features include, among other things:

  • Live capture and offline analysis.
  • Display filters.
  • Rich VoIP analysis.
  • Decryption support for many protocols.

9: Nmap

Nmap is a network-mapping utility for network exploration and security auditing. Uses for Nmap include:

  • Determining what hosts are available.
  • Determining what services hosts are offering.
  • Determining what operating systems are running.
  • Determining the type of packet filters and firewalls in use.

10: Online scans

If you suspect your system has been infected and your current tools aren’t able to deal with it, try one of the following free online scan services:

In addition, you can test your firewall at ShieldsUP.

Easy packet captures straight from the Cisco ASA firewall

Credit to :
Lori Hyde

Whether you are troubleshooting a difficult problem or chasing some interesting traffic, sometimes you need to pull a packet capture. Of course, you could configure and deploy a sniffer, but that is not the only solution you have at your fingertips. You can pull the packet capture directly from the Cisco ASA firewall. The Cisco ASA makes this an easy process.

There are at least two ways to configure your ASA to capture packets. If you prefer the GUI interface of the ASDM, you can use the Packet Capture Wizard tool by selecting it from the wizard menu.

However, I’ve found that if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, so to speak, the CLI interface is the way to go. You can identify the traffic you are looking for with an ACL and then set your interface to capture based on the ACL results. Here’s an example of how easy it is to do this.

In this example, I want to capture all IP packets between a host at and the test ASA at

The first step is to set a quick ACL:

access-list testcap extended permit ip host host

Then, we set up the capture using the capture command. We’ll reference our ACL (testcap) as our “interesting” traffic, and we’ll specify which interface we want to look at:

myasa# capture testcap interface inside

Admittedly, this is probably the command in its simplest form. There are many options you can configure as part of this command, including setting buffer sizes, setting a circular-buffer that overwrites itself when full, and selecting webvpn or isakmp traffic. The point is, with two quick commands, we’ve got a packet capture going! It just doesn’t get much easier than that.

A quick show capture command verifies my capture is running.

myasa# sh capture
capture testcap type raw-data interface INSIDE [Capturing - 4314 bytes]

To stop the capture, use the no form of this command.

myasa # no capture testcap

Now let’s look at the results. Here again, we have choices. We can look at the traffic via a browser directly from the ASA by opening an http link (Figure A) like the following:

Figure A

Click to enlarge.

While we see the traffic and much of the information, we cannot see all the detail of a regular packet capture. However, we can save this info as a libpcap file with the following command, and then open this file with Wireshark or such.

Figure B shows this file when opened with Wireshark.

Figure B

Click to enlarge.

The command line also provides options for looking at your data.

myasa# show capture testcap ?
  access-list    Display packets matching access list
  count          Display  of packets in capture
  decode         Display decode information for each packet
  detail         Display more information for each packet
  dump           Display hex dump for each packet
  packet-number  Display packet  in capture
  trace          Display extended trace information for each packet
  |              Output modifiers

Let’s look at the first nine packets.

myasa# show capture testcap count 9
4532 packets captured
   1: 13:46:31.052746 >
P 1290581619:1290581687(68) ack 941116409 win 8192
   2: 13:46:31.052884 > .
ack 1290581687 win 65207
   3: 13:46:38.374583 arp who-has tell
   4: 13:46:38.521655 arp who-has tell
   5: 13:46:39.803120 > P 787673978:787675438(1460)
ack 3043311886 win 8192
   6: 13:46:39.803150 > P 787675438:787675589(151)
ack 3043311886 win 8192
   7: 13:46:39.803257 > P 787675589:787677049(1460)
ack 3043311886 win 8192
   8: 13:46:39.803272 > P 787677049:787677200(151) ack
3043311886 win 8192
   9: 13:46:39.803287 > P 787677200:787677883(683)
ack 3043311886 win 8192
9 packets shown

We can also look at an entire packet from the CLI.

myasa# show capture testcap detail packet-number 5 dump
4532 packets captured
   5: 13:46:39.803120 0022.5597.25b9 0014.3815.89fb 0x0800 1514:
> P [tcp sum ok] 787673978:787675438(1460) ack 30
43311886 win 8192 (ttl 255, id 54032)
0x0000   4500 05dc d310 0000 ff06 c052 c0a8 5134        E..........R..Q4
0x0010   c0a8 5033 01bb 0f80 2ef2 f37a b565 410e        ..P3.......z.eA.
0x0020   5018 2000 5488 0000 1703 0106 4654 db31        P. .T.......FT.1
0x0030   b3d4 0a5b 3295 f719 d82a 8767 6b8b dae1        ...[2....*.gk...
0x0040   0a54 0ea8 c8c4 1c61 c45c e321 452e 6ab6        .T.....a.\.!E.j.
0x0050   ba80 4e94 3801 d973 b4fe 97d4 8b2f 9e77        ..N.8..s...../.w

*Only a partial result is displayed.

So save your hardware or laptop sniffers for other parts of your network. Use your ASA to gather those snippets of network traffic that you need. But remember: in general, be kind to your ASA. When possible, create specific ACLs to refine the traffic you want to capture. Monitor your ASA while capturing packets and adjust the buffers if you need to. And, as always, refer to for more detailed information.


Default Logins and Passwords for Networked Devices

Credit to :

Manufacturer Model OS Version Login Password
3Com - 1.25 root letmein
3Com Super Stack 2 Switch Any manager manager
3Com AccessBuilder® 7000 BRI Any - -
3Com CoreBuilder 2500 - - -
3Com Switch 3000/3300 - manager manager
3Com Switch 3000/3300 - admin admin
3Com Switch 3000/3300 - security security
3Com Cable Managment System SQL Database (DOSCIC
Win2000 & MS DOCSIS_APP 3Com
3Com NAC (Network Access Card) - adm none
3Com HiPer ARC Card v4.1.x of HA adm none
3Com CoreBuilder 6000 - debug tech
3Com CoreBuilder 7000 - tech tech
3Com SuperStack II Switch 2200 - debug synnet
3Com SuperStack II Switch 2700 - tech tech
3Com SuperStack / CoreBuilder - admin -
3Com SuperStack / CoreBuilder - read -
3Com SuperStack / CoreBuilder - write -
3Com LinkSwitch and CellPlex - tech tech
3Com LinkSwitch and CellPlex - debug synnet
3Com Superstack II 3300FX - admin -
3Com Switch 3000/3300 - Admin 3Com
3Com 3ComCellPlex7000 - tech tech
3Com Switch 3000/3300 - monitor monitor
3Com AirConnect Access Point n/a - comcomcom
3Com Superstack II Dual Speed 500 - security security
3Com OfficeConnect 5x1 at least 5.x - PASSWORD
3Com SuperStack 3 Switch 3300XM - admin -
3Com Super Stack 2 Switch Any manager manager
3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100 - manager manager
3Com SuperStack II Switch 1100 - security security
3Com super stack 2 switch any manager manager
3Com Office Connect Remote 812 - root !root
3Com Switch 3000/3300 - admin admin
3Com OCR-812 - - -
3Com - - - -
3Com NBX100 2.8 administrator 0000
3Com Home Connect - User Password
3Com OfficeConnect 5x1 at least 5.x estheralastruey -
3Com SuperStack II Switch 3300 - manager manager
3Com Superstack - - -
ACC Routers - netman netman
Acc/Newbridge Congo/Amazon/Tigris All versions netman netman
Acc/Newbridge Congo/Amazon/Tigris All versions netman netman
adaptec - - - -
Adaptec RAID Storage Manager Pro All Administrator adaptec
adtran tsu 600 ethernet module - 18364 -
Adtran TSU 120 e - - ADTRAN
Adtran TSU 120 e - - ADTRAN
Aironet All -

alcatel - - - -
Alcatel 1000 ANT Win98 - -
alcatel speed touch home - - -
Alcatel/Newbridge/Timestep VPN Gateway 15xx/45xx/7xxx Any root permit
Alcatel/Newbridge/Timestep VPN Gateway 15xx/ Any root permit
Alcatel/Newbridge/Timestep VPN Gateway 15xx/ Any root permit
Allied Tenysin R130 - Manager friend
Alteon ACEswitch 180e (telnet) - admin blank
Alteon Web Systems All hardware releases Web OS 5.2 none admin
APC MasterSwitches - apc apc
APC Any Firmware Pri apcuser apc
Apple Network Assistant 3.X None xyzzy
Apple Airport 1.1 none public
Arrowpoint any? - admin system
Ascend All TAOS models all admin Ascend
Ascend Pipeline Terminal Server - answer -
Ascom Timeplex Routers Any See notes -
AT&T Starlan SmartHUB 9.9 N/A manager
Axent NetProwler manager WinNT administrator admin
Axis NPS 530 5.02 root pass
AXIS StorPoint CD100 4.28 root pass
AXIS 200 V1.32 - admin -
Axis 2100 Network Camera Linux (ETRAX root pass
bay cv1001003 - - -
bay - - - -
Bay - - - -
Bay / Nortel ARN 13.20 Manager (caps count !) -
Bay Network Routers All - User -
Bay Networks ASN / ARN Routers Any Manager Manager
Bay Networks Baystack - - NetICs
Bay/Nortel Networks Accelar 1xxx switches Any rwa rwa
Bay/Nortel Networks Remote Annex 2000 Any admin IP address
BEA Weblogic 5.1 system weblogic
BEA - - - -
bewan - - - -
Bintec all Routers Any admin bintec
Bintec - - - -
Biodata BIGfire & BIGfire+ all - biodata
Biodata all Babylon-Boxes all - Babylon
Borland interbase - - -
Borland Interbase Any politcally correct
Borland/Inprise Interbase any SYSDBA masterkey
BreezeCom AP10, SA10 BreezeNET PR - -
BreezeCOM Station Adapter and Access Point 4.x - Super
BreezeCOM - 3.x - Master
BreezeCOM Station Adapter and Access Point 2.x - laflaf
Brocade Silkworm - admin password
Buffalo/MELCO AirStation WLA-L11 - root (cannot be changed) (no password by default)
Cabletron any any -- --
Cabletron NB Series Any - inuvik49
Cabletron routers and switches * * blank blank
Cayman 3220-H DSL Router GatorSurf 5. Any -
celerity - - - -
Chase Research Iolan+ - - iolan
Cisco Any Router and Switch 10 thru 12 cisco cisco
Cisco ConfigMaker Software any? n/a cmaker
CISCO Network Registrar 3.0 ADMIN changeme
CISCO N/A N/A pixadmin pixadmin
Cisco routers Not sure...j - san-fran
Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator - admin admin
Cisco Net Ranger 2.2.1 Sol 5.6 root attack
cisco 1600 12.05 - -
cisco 1601 - - -
cisco - - - -
cisco - - - -
Cisco MGX * superuser superuser
cisco 1601 - - -
cisco - - - -
Cisco - - - -
cisco - - - -
Cisco any aany IOS no default login no default password
CISCO arrowpoint - - -
cisco - - - -
cisco - - - -
cisco - - - -
Cisco 2503 - - -
Cisco - - - -
cisco - - - -
Cisco IDS (netranger) - root attack
cisco - - - -
cisco 1600 - - -
Cobalt RaQ * Qube* Any admin admin
Com21 - - - -
Comersus Shopping Cart 3.2 Win 95/98/NT admin dmr99
Compaq Insight Manager - Administrator administrator
Compaq Insight Manager - operator operator
Compaq Management Agents All administrator none
compaq - - - -
copper mountain - - - -
Coppercom - - - -
Coyote-Point Equaliser 4 Free BSD eqadmin - Serial port only equalizer
Coyote-Point Equaliser 4 Free BSD root - Serial port only -
Coyote-Point Equaliser 4 Free BSD look - Web Browser only (Read a look
Coyote-Point Equaliser 4 Free BSD touch - Web Browser only (Write touch
Cyclades MP/RT - super surt
D-Link DI-704 - - admin
D-Link DI-701 2.22 (?) - -
Dell PowerVault 50F WindRiver (E root calvin
Dell PowerVault 35F - root calvin
Dell Powerapp Web 100 Linux RedHat 6.2 root powerapp
dell - - - -
Digiboard Portserver 8 & 16 any root dbps
DLink DI-206 ISDN router 1.* Admin Admin
Dlink Dl-106 ISDN router - - 1234
DLink DL-701 Cable/DSL Gateway/Firewall - - year2000
Dlink DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter Windows 98 - -
dlink di704 - - admin
DLink DI 106 winnt administrator @*nigU^D.ha,;
Dupont Digital Water Proofer Sun Sparc any root par0t
eci - - - -
Efficient - - - -
Elron Firewall 2.5c hostname/ip address sysadmin
emai hotmail - - -
Ericsson ACC - netman netman
Ericsson (formerly ACC) Any router all netman netman
Extended Systems ExtendNet 4000 / Firewall all Versions admin admin
Extended Systems Print Servers - admin extendnet
Extreme All Summits - admin -
extreme black diamond - - -
Extreme All All Admin -
Flowpoint 144, 2200 DSL Routers ALL - password
FlowPoint 144, 2200 DSL Routers ALL - admin
Flowpoint 2200 - - Serial Num
Flowpoint 2200 - - Serial Num
fore - - - -
Fore Systems ASX 1000/1200 6.x ami -
Foundry Networks ServerIronXL Any - -
fujitsu l460 - - -
Future Networks FN 110C Docsis cablemodem Any - -
gatway solo9100 win95 - -
General Instruments SB2100D Cable Modem - test test
gonet - - fast abd234
Hewlett Packard HP Jetdirect (All Models) Any none none
Hewlett Packard MPE-XL - HELLO MGR.SYS
Hewlett Packard MPE-XL - MGR CAROLIAN
Hewlett Packard MPE-XL - MGR CCC
hp 4150 - - -
hp - - - -
IBM AS/400 - qsecofr qsecofr
IBM AS/400 - qsysopr qsysopr
IBM AS/400 - qpgmr qpgmr
IBM NetCommerce PRO 3.2 ncadmin ncadmin
IBM LAN Server / OS/2 2.1, 3.0, 4. username password
IBM 2210 RIP def trade
IBM DB2 WinNT db2admin db2admin
IBM Lotus Domino Go WebServer (net.commerce edition) ANY ? webadmin webibm
IBM RS/6000 AIX root ibm
ibm as400 - - -
IBM AS/400 - - -
IBM ra6000 AIX Unix - -
IBM AIX - - -
Imperia Software Imperia Content Managment System Unix/NT superuser superuser
Intel 510T Any - admin
Intel All Routers All Versions - babbit
Intel All Routers All Versions - babbit
Intel Intel PRO/Wireless 2011 Wireless LAN Access Point Any - Intel
Intel wireless lan access Point - - comcomcom
Ipswitch Whats up Gold 6.0 Windows 9x a admin admin
janta sales 254 compaq janta sales janta211
janta sales 254 compaq janta sales janta211
Jetform Jetform_design - Jetform -
Kawa - - - -
LANCAST - - - -
Lantronix LPS1-T Print Server j11-16 any system
Lantronix MSS100, MSSVIA, UDS10 Any - system
Lantronix LSB4 any any system
Lantronix Printer and terminalservers - - system
LGIC Goldstream 2.5.1 LR-ISDN LR-ISDN
Linkou School - - bill bill
Linkou School - - bill bill
Linksys Cable/DSL router Any - admin
Linksys BEFSR7(1) OR (4) Standalone R blank admin
linksys - - - -
Linksys BEFSR41 - (blank) admin
Livingston Livingston_portmaster2/3 - !root blank
Livingston Livingston_officerouter - !root blank
Lucent Portmaster 2 - !root none
Lucent Cajun Family - root root
lucent Portmaster 3 unknown !root !ishtar
Lucent Packetstar (PSAX) - readwrite lucenttech1
Lucent AP-1000 - public public
lucent dsl - - -
lucent - - - -
macromedia freehand 9 - -
MacSense X-Router Pro - admin admin
mcafee - - - -
microcom hdms unknowen system hdms
Micron - bios - -
Microrouter (Cisco) Any Any - letmein
Microrouter (Cisco) Any Any - letmein
Microsoft Windows NT All Administrator -
Microsoft Windows NT All Guest -
Microsoft Windows NT All Mail -
Microsoft SQL Server - sa -
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 pkoolt pkooltPS
Microsoft NT - - start
MICROSOFT NT 4.0 free user user
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 admin admin
MICROSOFT NT 4.0 free user user
Microsoft - - - -
microsoft - - - -
Microsoft Ms proxy 2.0 - - -
microsoft - - - -
mICROSOFT - - - -
Microsoft Key Managment Server Windows NT 4 - password
Microsoft - - - -
Motorola Motorola-Cablerouter - cablecom router
Motorola Motorola-Cablerouter - cablecom router
motorola cyber surfer - - -
msdloto msdloto - - -
msdloto - - - -
Multi-Tech RASExpress Server 5.30a guest none
Nanoteq NetSeq firewall * admin NetSeq
NetApp NetCache any admin NetCache
Netgaer RH328 - - 1234
Netgear RH348 - - 1234
Netgear ISDN-Router RH348 - - 1234
Netgear RT311 Any Admin 1234
Netgear RT314 Any Admin 1234
Netgear RT338 - - 1234
Netgear RT311/RT314 - admin 1234
netgear - - - -
netlink rt314 - - -
Netopia R7100 4.6.2 admin admin
Netopia 455 v3.1

Netscreen NS-5, NS10, NS-100 2.0 netscreen netscreen
NeXT - NeXTStep 3.3 me -
Nokia - Telecom NZ M10 - Telecom Telecom
Nortel Meridian 1 PBX OS Release 2 0000 0000
Nortel Contivity Extranet Switches 2.x admin setup
Nortel Norstar Modular ICS Any **ADMIN (**23646) ADMIN (23646)
Nortel Norstar Modular ICS Any **CONFIG (266344) CONFIG (266344)
Nortel Networks (Bay) Instant Internet Any - -
Northern Telecom(Nortel) Meridian 1 - - m1link
Novell NetWare Any guest -
Novell NetWare any PRINT -
Novell NetWare Any LASER -
Novell NetWare Any HPLASER -
Novell NetWare Any PRINTER -
Novell NetWare Any LASERWRITER -
Novell NetWare Any POST -
Novell NetWare Any MAIL -
Novell NetWare Any GATEWAY -
Novell NetWare Any GATE -
Novell NetWare Any ROUTER -
Novell NetWare Any BACKUP -
novell - - - -
ODS 1094 IS Chassis 4.x ods ods
Optivision Nac 3000 & 4000 any root mpegvideo
Oracle 8i 8.1.6 sys change_on_install
Oracle Internet Directory Service any cn=orcladmin welcome
Oracle 7 or later - system manager
Oracle 7 or later - sys change_on_install
Oracle 7 or later Any Scott Tiger
Oracle 8i all internal oracle
oracle - - - -
oracle - - - -
oracle co. Database engines every sys change_on_install
Osicom(Datacom) Osicom(Datacom) - sysadm sysadm
Pandatel EMUX all admin admin
PlainTree Waveswitch 100 - - default.password
RapidStream RS4000-RS8000 Linux rsadmin rsadmin
realtek 8139 - - -
Remedy Any Any Demo -
Research Machines Classroom Assistant Windows 95 manager changeme
Rodopi Rodopi billing software 'AbacBill' sql database - rodopi rodopi
Samba SWAT Package Linux Any Local User Local User password
schoolgirl member - ich hci
Securicor3NET Monet any manager friend
Securicor3NET Cezzanne any manager friend
SGI all all root n/a
SGI Embedded Support Partner IRIX 6.5.6 Administrator Partner
SGI IRIX ALL OutOfBox, demos, guest, 4DGifts (none by default)
Shiva LanRover any? root -
Shiva AccessPort Any hello hello
Shiva Any? - Guest blank
SMC Barricade - - admin
soho nbg800 unknown admin 1234
Solaris - - - -
sonic wall any firewall device admin password -
SonicWall Any Firewall Device - admin password
SpeedStream - - - -
Spider Systems M250 / M250L - - hello
Sprint PCS SCH2000 see notes Menu - 8 - 0 (see notes) 040793
Ssangyoung SR2501 - - 2501
Sun - SunOS 4.1.4 root -
Sun - Solaris - -
surecom ep3501/3506 own os admin surecom
Symnatec - - - -
SysKonnect 6616 - default.password -
SysKonnect 6616 - default.password -
Tekelec Eagle STP - eagle eagle
Telebit netblazer 3.* - setup/snmp setup/nopasswd
Terayon TeraLink Getaway - admin password
Terayon TeraLink 1000 Controller - admin password
Terayon TeraLink 1000 Controller - user password
Terayon TeraLink Getaway - user password
terayon - 6.29 admin nms
Terrayon - - - -
Titbas - SCO haasadm lucy99
TopLayer AppSwitch 2500 Any siteadmin toplayer
Toshiba TR-650 V2.01.00 admin tr650
toshiba 480cdt - - -
toshiba - - - -
TrendMicro ISVW (VirusWall) any admin admin
Trintech eAcquirer App/Data Servers - t3admin Trintech
Ullu ka pattha Gand mara Gandoo Bhosda Lund
USR TOTALswitch Any none amber
Vina Technologies ConnectReach 3.6.2 (none) (none)
voy - - - -
WatchGuard FireBox 3-4.6 - wg (touch password)
Webmin Webmin Any Unix/Lin admin -
Webramp 410i etc... - wradmin trancell
Win2000 Quick Time 4.0 Englisch - -
Windows 98 se 98 se - - -
Wireless Inc. WaveNet 2458 n/a root rootpass
Xylan Omnistack 1032CF 3.2.8 admin password
Xylan Omnistack 4024 3.4.9 admin password
Xylan Omniswitch 3.1.8 admin switch
xyplex mx-16xx - setpriv system
Zyxel ISDN-Router Prestige 1000 - - 1234
zyxel prestige 300 series zynos 2.* - 1234
Zyxel ISDN Router Prestige 100IH - - 1234
Zyxel prestige 300 series any - -
Zyxel prestige 600 series any - -
ZYXEL 641 ADSL - - 1234
Zyxel prestige 128 modem-router any - 1234
Zyxel ISDN-Router Prestige 1000 - - -
Zyxel ISDN-Router Prestige 1000 - - -
zyxel - - - -